Do You Need A Second Shooter?


What’s one of my most asked questions?! 

“Do we need a second shooter?” And unfortunately the answer isn’t always an absolute yes or no. Let’s break it down to help you decide if hiring a second photographer is worth it for you. Some things to keep in mind:

  • The size of your weddings party & guests
  • How long your wedding day coverage will last
  • Will you be in multiple locations throughout the day?
  • Is it in the budget?

The Size Of Your Wedding

My general rule is that you don’t need a second shooter is your wedding is under 6 hours and 75-100 guests. This is just my personal threshold of where I feel comfortable that I can capture every thing you could possibly want on your wedding day by myself. Every photographer probably has a different level of where they’ll cap this off! If you’re over 6 hours of coverage, or 75-100 guests, I’d highly recommend hiring a second shooter just to ensure you get every second of your big day captured beautifully.


Are you planning a 10+ hour shindig into the night? You’ll want a second photographer for sure. Honestly, even at 8 hours, you’re better off having an extra set of hands. At the end of the day, we’re humans who get tired especially if the workload is 100% on 1 person for 10 hours. Can we do it? Absolutely. Is it better with 2 photographers at that point? Definitely!

Location, Location, Location

Are you and your partner getting ready at 2 different locations and you want them both covered? Are you going from the salon to hotel to church to reception space? You’ll want a second photographer! Obviously being unable to be in 2 locations at once, having another person to cover those overlapping areas is crucial. This is especially helpful when there isn’t much time between church and reception- I normally stay at the church for formal photos while my assistant heads to the reception space to shoot details, candids of cocktail hour, etc.


The super obvious factor, BUDGET! Our second shooters are built into 2 of our packages that can be seen here you can add one onto our elopement package or a custom package per hour. In general, for 4 hours of coverage adding on a second photographer is $150.


We hope that helps you deciding on what package works for you! As always, let us know if you have any questions!

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